Wednesday, 15 June 2016

how to grow penises size? Myth that you know

how to grow penises size? myth of many men, there is this concern that has dominated for centuries ... to increase the size of your penis.No doubt, the dream of every man is to know how to make it grow those centimeters that make big difference that even regardless of their actual size.
It is considered that the penis has an average diameter of 4.7 to 3.6 cm and 4.5 equivalent of 5 inches in length and 15 to 17 cm equivalent to 1.6 and 1.5 inches . This average, 48% of men have a lesser degree, or have small penis in comparison with the average.

Before knowing how to grow penises grow you should know this

The first thing to know is that all ... really all methods are at risk, including, ofcourse, the surgical method. This risk is minimized, since follow to the letter the different methods and procedures do not change seek results in a short time, dangerous for penis enlargement drugs .
Although you can find various methods to ensure increased penis size, not all of them actually work. The surgical procedures much promise, however, is a process that is still experimental. So it is better to look natural soliciones to enlarge the penis.
Some drugs and natural products have little effect, since it is impossible to alter the genetic substance, and results of the penis size of information DNA .
1. The weights on the penis. Suspending an area weight of the glans at birth has a very ancient history, as the whole world knows about the African tribes who devised this method and still manage to develop some really large penis as well as functional.
Today, it is easy to find these weights in trade, a flat ring and twisted bodies of the glans is placed, adjusted and weights are chosen to be placed.
It must be very cautious and know various stages of assimilation as a phase of the method, not to over tighten the ring and, of course, choose a light weight.The mistake made ​​with this method is that a weight is suspended and that the quickest results can damage the penis.
Any extra weight however small, is already extra and make its effect. It is small weights better and safer long that much weight, but jeopardize the functions of the penis.
2. Jelqing exercises. These exercises are highly effective know how to grow penis.In actually a type of stimulation to the skin is in the form of movements made ​​by hand. For the year to be well done to raise the temperature of the penis, using pads, electric blankets, hot water bottles ...